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Civil Litigation



Civil Litigation involves a lawsuit between individuals, corporations or other entities which usually deals with a dispute about the terms of a contract or a claim for injury to a person, or property.

The litigation process in Ontario is governed by the Rules of Civil Procedure. There are two main procedural streams available in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for civil actions.

The first is the general procedure that applies to all actions with claims above $100,000.00. These actions are also referred to as the regular procedure actions.

The other is the Simplified Procedure, which applies to actions with claims up to $100,000.00. If there is more than one Plaintiff, and if each Plaintiff’s claim is not more than $100,000.00, the action will be governed by the Simplified Procedure.

Where the amount claimed does not exceed $25,000.00 and the dispute pertains to payment of money or the recovery of possession of personal property, the Small Claims Court has the jurisdiction, which is a branch of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Examples of typical claims filed in the Small Claims Court include, unpaid accounts for goods or services, unpaid loans, unpaid rent, property damage, personal injuries and breach of contract.

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