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Employment & Human Rights Law


Selecting Theodora Ubachukwu as your legal representative is an excellent choice.  She is fully trained and experienced in Employment and Human Rights Law matters. In addition to being a member of the Law Society of Ontario and a licensed Ontario Lawyer, she acquired a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resources Management (HRM) from George Brown College in the year 2016, and was placed on the Deans Honours List Twice!! The HRM program intensely covered the Employment & Human Rights Law modules and  issues faced by persons under contract with Provincially and Federally Regulated Employers.


Theodora offers her clients convenience, peace of mind and practicality by way of several different fee arrangements, including:

  • Hourly rate retainers;

  • Contingency fee retainers; and

  • Flat rate retainers.


If you select the hourly fee retainers,

It is $250.00 per hour for legal fees excluding HST and disbursements.


If you select the contingency fee retainers,

It means you will not pay legal fees unless Theodora wins your case. Once your case is successful, you will be charged an agreed percentage of the sum awarded to you. Theodora understands the financial difficulty of employment related legal issues - especially termination. She knows that sometimes there isn’t enough money left over to retain a lawyer on an hourly rate basis. In that regard, she sometimes works with wrongful dismissal clients on a “contingency fee” basis.

The flat rate retainers,

In many cases, Theodora will charge clients an agreed upon fixed fee for doing work on their behalf. For instance, Theodora may arrange fixed fees to review or draft employment contracts and other employment related paperwork. This is especially efficient and economical because clients know for certain how much the product costs ahead of time and there will not be any surprises once the work is done.

For all kinds of our employment retainers, be assured that:

  1. The fees charged will be affordable;

  2. The price will be discussed and agreed at the outset, before the retainer is charged;

  3. The cost versus the risk of moving forward will be weighed;

  4. You will be advised on the approximate final cost of services; and

  5. You won’t get any surprises on your bill as I will keep costs as low as possible  


If you have any questions, please send an email to


All inquiries shall be answered promptly.


In Person (Consultation fee) is $250 + HST, and includes

  • Listening to the facts

  • Answering your questions

  • Advising how to proceed


The Hourly Rate (legal fee) includes 

  • Responding quickly 

  • Provide timely updates

  • keeping costs low


Contingency fee includes 

  • Initial Demand Letter

  • Legal Research and Analysis

  • Legal Advice & Guidance

  • Timely intervention

  • Correspondence with and negotiation with Employer 


  • Drafting Settlement Agreement

What your Selected Fee Includes

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